Welcome to Investophilia, your personal investment analyzer.
Investophilia helps you to keep a close eye on your investments and how your portfolio performs in a long run. The only thing you need to do is to insert your securities and their corresponding transactions into the system. Investophilia's analysis dashboard shows you exactly how you performed from the inception of your investments until today. Investophilia gives you honest analysis about your performance as it is not connected to any financial institute. You can try it for free!

Investophilia shows the full history of your investments from the very beginning to up to today.

Investophilia shows the hidden costs that the banks or trading apps exclude from their return calculations. With investophilia, you can calculate how much the effective return of your realized investments was and how much it will be for the unrealized assets.

Investophilia does not show you the intra-day fluctuations of your asset, in order to let you focus on the long-term performance.

Investophilia shows you how well your portfolio is diversified on many regions, industries, and asset types, for the full history of your investments.

With investophilia, you have a history of all your transactions. They can be useful for example for tax declaration.

Should you have received loans (mortgages) to buy an asset or property, Investophilia shows how your interest payments and repayments would look like. You can also analyze if you have won or lost with getting a loan for buying your asset.

Investophilia is an analysis dashboard. It DOES NOT give you any financial advice. You decide on your own how to invest. You are responsible for your actions.